Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating is a heating form that heats houses and properties using heated water which circulates in a closed pipe system for radiators or underfloor heating. Oil or wood boilers, district heat exchanger, geothermal heat can all serve as heat sources for the hydronic heating. The heat source for heating the water can be changed as desired and which best suits the housing in question. The form of heating therefore has its advantage of being an environmentally sound energy system, but where the installation cost is slightly higher than for e.g. direct-acting electric heating.

Switching to hydronic heating

By converting to hydronic heating, that is, a hydronic heating system with heat pump, you get up to three times lower energy cost. This is definitely not the only positive, but there are also a host of other benefits of heat from hyndronic radiators. Below you will find several posts that deal with hydronic heating in renovation, interior decoration and a variety of other contexts.