We think so. The Narbonne family of premium radiant convectors creates a perfect indoor climate. 1.5 million alternatives gives you the freedom to install and control the comfort solution exactly the way you want.
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Complete, comfortable and radiant

Taylor made with great design

Premium range and safe solution

Extremely flexible. Adapt it the way you want

Energy effective and sustainable solution (EPD guaranty)

10 years warranty
Configurate your own Narbonne
With our easy-to-use configurator you get the answer in seconds. Enter your facts –and we will show you which of the 1.5 million combinations that suits your needs.
We are here for you
The PurmoGroup is your optimal one-stop-shop supplier of perfect indoor climate solutions. Comfort delivered –always. Let us tell you more. Get in touch withour competent sales team or customer service. Or check out FAQ.
Want to check out our other possibilities?
If the Narbonne family of radiant convectors is not what you were looking for –check out our range of convectors; Kon, Auraand Compact.
SustainabilityThe PurmoGroup is committed to the European movement of Deep Renovation. We are taking a multi-pronged approach to find solutions in line with European Union aims on fighting climate change. To this end, we have put together a Starter Kit for people who want more knowledge about the new green, sustainable methods of renovation that includes the regulations and targets set by the EU, and the concepts and technologies to get us past the goal post. Study on improving the energy efficiency of old apartment buildings in Europe. A white paper by R&D at the PurmoGroup.
In Europe buildings account for:
50%of the total energy used
50%of the total materials used
50%of the total carbon used in terms of entire life circle. Source: European Commission, DG Environment
Reducing footprint
We work to limit the impact of our products and materials on our planet. This is particularly important as 80% of the environmental footprint of many of our products occurs before they leave our factories. Therefore, we continuously invest in sustainable quality and innovation and take the entire life cycle of our products into account. Read more ….