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Yali Parada

Electric radiators - Yali Parada

Digital controls and bright digital display make the YALI PARADA a simple yet powerful addition to any home. Fully programmable temperature range, operating modes and surface temperature brings flexibility and ease of use within the reach of everyone. Enjoy the smooth panel design of this sleek oil-filled radiator from LVI. Like all the YALI range, the YALI PARADA is designed with two independent heating panels, front and rear, which offer a more precise and economical way to heat the home. Open window function and a digital thermostat can be easily connected to wired systems and wireless systems.
  • Type 21
  • Oil-filled radiator with vegetable oil
  • Made from strong steel of the highest quality
  • Hard-wearing white epoxy paint (RAL 9016)
  • Can be connected to fil pilote oucentrale de programmation
  • Simple to use, rapid heating and even temperature across the entire surface
  • Quiet, odour-free and non-allergenic
  • The radiators have convector plates and are for right-hand mounting.
  • Advanced thermostat with an accurate setting (lockable). Several options in the event of drops in temperaturę
  • Adjustable surface temperature according to three emissions (90°C, 75°C or 60°C)
  • ‘Open window’ function
  • Blocking system of the attachments, protected against coming adrift

Heat outputs and dimensions

type B [mm] C [mm] weight [kg] power [Watt]
YAP6000400EL 600 400 16,28 500
YAP6000500EL 600 500 20,30 750
YAP6000600EL 600 600 24,20 1000
YAP6000700EL 600 700 28,00 1250
YAP6000900EL 600 900 35,45 1500
YAP6001200EL 600 1200 47,36 2000
B = Height C = Length


Our radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. This guarantee does not apply to defects caused by installation errors or factors external to the radiators (water quality, oxygen-premeable pipes,…). In the event of raw materials defects or manufacture defects recognised by the N.V. RADSON, the buyer will be entitled only to demand repair or replacement of the defective parts. It is explicitly agreed that the N.V. RADSON is not obliged to any damages, either for personal accidents or for damage to other goods or for loss of profit.

Our 10 year warranty is only valid for purchases done since January 1, 2007.