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Flores E T

Electric bathroom radiators - Flores E T

The integrated Turbo at the bottom of towel warmer radiators provides additional heating in your bathroom to ensure a rapid rise in temperature at all times during the day.
Easy to use. Simply push the boost button on the control box, which will release a homogenous and silent flow of hot air, which will be diffused towards the ground, for more comfort. A luminous and discrete warning light will warn you that the Turbo is switched on.
On/off button integrated on the blower.
Maintenance signal lamp for the removable anti-dust filter.
Comes standard with infrared clock thermostat.
For installations starting from 1st of january 2007, our radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 yearsPlinth heating and electric materials are guaranteed for 2 years.

Heat outputs and dimensions

Type B C J Weight (kg) Power (Watt)
FL0505ELT 547 500 638 7,00 300
FL0508ELT 862 500 953 10,00 500
FL0512ELT 1222 500 1313 12,50 750
FL0615ELT 1537 600 1628 17,00 1000
FL0715ELT 1537 750 1628 19,00 1250
FL0518ELT 1807 500 1898 20,00 1000
FL0618ELT 1807 600 1898 23,00 1250
FL0718ELT 1807 750 1898 28,00 1500

B = Height; C = Length; J = height, including control box;


B = Height; C = Length; J = height, including control box;

Our radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. This guarantee does not apply to defects caused by installation errors or factors external to the radiators (water quality, oxygen-premeable pipes,…). In the event of raw materials defects or manufacture defects recognised by the N.V. RADSON, the buyer will be entitled only to demand repair or replacement of the defective parts. It is explicitly agreed that the N.V. RADSON is not obliged to any damages, either for personal accidents or for damage to other goods or for loss of profit.

Our 10 year warranty is only valid for purchases done since January 1, 2007.