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Electric radiators - Tinos E

Clean corners and edges, straight lines and fl at planes. The tinos is the epitome of design, and the closest we have come to what might be called ´radiant art´. Mounted just 10mm from the wall, the tinos is an inobtrusive thing of beauty, which can be tailored to meet your unique specifi cations in size, colour and fi nish.
  • Electric designer radiator with flat front and straight sides
  • Electric radiator filled with vegetable oil for conducting heat
  • Wireless digital remote control
  • Possibility to programme personal comfort and temperature levels (night-time) in combination with an external clock
  • Possibility to use individual controls for separate room and different radiators
  • More than 200 extra colours available (15% supplement)
  • Installed using 2 MCW-V consoles
  • Towel-drier in matt brushed stainless steel is available as an option

Heat outputs and dimensions

Type 11


lenght (mm) height (mm)
1800 1950 2100
325 750    
475 1000    
625 1250 1500 1750
775     2000


Our radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against all manufacturing defects when they are used in normal conditions and for a heating system with hot water. This guarantee does not apply to defects caused by installation errors or factors external to the radiators (water quality, oxygen-premeable pipes,…). In the event of raw materials defects or manufacture defects recognised by the N.V. RADSON, the buyer will be entitled only to demand repair or replacement of the defective parts. It is explicitly agreed that the N.V. RADSON is not obliged to any damages, either for personal accidents or for damage to other goods or for loss of profit.

Our 10 year warranty is only valid for purchases done since January 1, 2007.