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About us

Welcome to Radson

A family firm founded in 1966, Radson has today become one of Europe’s premier radiator manufacturers. Since 1990, the Zonhoven company has been part of the Rettig ICC Group, a Finnish multinational, and now has subsidiaries in France and Poland. Every day, the Belgian production unit makes around 7000 to 10000 radiators.

Radson has acquired an international reputation by developing the revolutionary ‘2 in 1’ principle : two convection fi ns on each hot water channel. This innovative welding technique, combined with the special design of the interior panel of the radiator, provides a high heat output and fast adjustment. Today, Radson continues to invest in quality and innovation while taking account of the environment. As the radiator specialist proves every day, cleaning up water and air, low noise levels and heat recovery can go along perfectly well with profi tability. The many environmental certifi cates that Radson has received bear witness to this.

Besides producing quality products, Radson endeavours to supply a complete service. This takes the form, above all, of an extensive range of panel, bathroom and  decorative radiators. Furthermore, the manufacturer has the confi dence always to give an ‘all - in’ warranty – 10 years on its radiators. Finally, a stock of no less than 125000 radiators guarantees a wide range of choices and rapid delivery.

Growing in harmony with the environment

Our production unit in Zonhoven borders on the pond studded natural beauty of Midden - Limburg (2500 ha). Radson wishes to grow alongside this nature conservation area and in harmony with it.

The industrial sites extend over approximately 75000m2, of which 40000m2 are builtup. Radson has a buffer zone of a little over 10 ha between its industrial sites and the conservation area.

Over the last 7 years we have invested a little over 50 million euros in expansion applying the BAT principle and paying heed to the environment. Our environmental investments have amounted to around 6,8 million euros. In each of its processes, Radson is looking toward lower consumption of raw materials, energy and water, and a reduction in sound level and water and air emissions. End 2003 Radson became the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Quality and standards

Since our beginnings, we at Radson have made quality a priority. All Radson’s production is covered by ISO 9001 certifi cation awarded by the TÜV. However, Radson’s quality and heat output have also been tested and acknowledged by institutes.

Radson radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years for installations from the 1st of january 2007 on.

Part of the RETTIG group: the power of a world ranking company

With annual sales of approximately EUR 575 million, the Rettig ICC Group can justly claim to be Europe’s biggest radiator and under-fl oor heating company. This boast is backed up by its strong brands and pan-European operations as well as a large, attractive range. The values that the company brings to its customers are based on the creation, maintenance and development of win-win commercial relationships.

Today, the Rettig ICC Group has the contribution of more than 3450 experienced and enthusiastic employees behind it. Together, they provide the daily energy that is vital
for passing these values on to our direct and indirect customers throughout northern, western and eastern Europe. Beyond the continent of Europe, we must also mention our
growing operations in Asia and America.

Rettig’s products consist of steel panels, convectors, design and bathroom radiators and under-fl oor heating systems. These products complement those offered by Rettig’s
sister division, Rettig ICC Group, which comprise thermostatic valves for heating and air conditioning, radiator collectors and electronic equipment and electronic control
programmes and equipment.

Rettig ICC markets a variety of top brands, well-known to professionals in the heating business at national, European and international level. complementary groups of product

  • panel radiators “Europe’s No. 1 Steel Panel Supplier” 
  • special radiators, heated towel rails and under-fl oor heating
  • valves and control
  • electric radiators
  • air conditioning
  • turnover : ± 575 million EUR
  • volume : 11 million radiator units
  • employees : ±3450
  • market : global