Proizvodi - Kupaonski radijatori


Elegant bathroom radiator with round piping, placed at a right angle to the collectors.

Santorini C

Curved bathroom radiator with piping on the collectors.


A wonderful design with fine, round pipe elements...

Flores C

This curved version of the Hawai model has fine round integrated pipes in its collectors.

Andros CH

Classic elegance. High-quality chrome ensures a tasteful and stylish bathroom.


The bathroom heater unit to suit your own arrangement with decorative strips. Fits perfectly into any bathromm scheme.


Tasteful design. Fully integrated with central connector valve and thermostat head.


The totem-like design adds an extra dimension to every interior. The elements are flat, slightly curved.


A characteristic radiator with flat straight elements. This radiator is vertically reversible.

Apia M

The close arrangement of slim tubular pipes makes the Apia M a natural focal point in the bathroom.

Andros M

Modern comfort. Compleet geïntegreerd met aansluitarmatuur in het midden en thermostaatkop.


Inclined, ellipse-shaped heat elements provide an airy dimension to the design.


A stylish radiator with flat heating elements, placed on the collectors.


The flattened oval elements are installed in the collectors in a curved position.

Leros M

The Leros bathroom radiator impresses with its modern styling of a traditional product, and its well thought out design.


1. Characteristics

  • With its range of bathroom radiators for hot water systems, Radson offers you a wide range of types, heat outputs and dimensions.
  • Each design distinguishes itself by its decorative appearance.
  • These bathroom radiators also give kitchens and toilets (in private homes, in hotels, in restaurants,...) an added value to your interior.
  • Diameter of connections : Ø 1/2’’ (15/21).
  • Our radiators are given a protective primer coat by electrophoresis, with the tp coat then provided in the colour of your choice.

2. Heat output

Heat outputs were measured according to the EN 442 standard, with a water temperature of 75/65 °C and a room temperature of 20°C (ΔT=50).

3. Packaging

The radiators are protected on 4 sides with cardboard, including corner edge proections. The radiators are shrink-wrapped. The whole is protected by a box in cardboard, together with the brackets.

4. Colours

Standard colour is white Ral 9016.