Proizvodi - Vertikalni dekorativni radijatori


Sometimes it´s an issue of space, sometimes a question of taste, and the Vertical is the answer for all those questions.

Delta V

Fully laser-welded, steel column radiator. To ensure increased heat emission, pipes and end pieces are flattened at the ends. No upright welding joints.

Kos V

The Kos V is a vertical work of crafted wonder, available in a range of colours and finishes.

Faro V

The visual language of the Faro V is accented by a profiled front, and slightly curved perforated sides. An attractive way to heat your home.


Clean edges and straight lines. The Tinos is the epitome of design, and the closest we have come to what might be called ´radiant art´.


The smooth sheen of the front of the Paros continues uninterrupted to the curves on its side.

Narbonne V

A discrete radiator with rounded edges. Vertical installation of the elements.


1. Characteristics

  • Radson offers you a high quality range of design radiators with different models, heat outputs and dimensions.
  • With the many custom designs they are also ideal for obtaining a good heating capacity where you have little room.

2. Colours

Standard colour white Ral 9016. Pago = RAL 9010

3. Heat output

Heat outputs were measured according to the EN 442 standard, with a water temperature of 75/65°C and a room temperature of 20°C (ΔT=50)

4. Packaging

The radiators are packed in cardboard with sturdy cardboard corner pieces and then wrapped with shrink film.